DSM Services


In a time of overwhelming competition, increasing rate of marketplace change, and significant marketing message noise and clutter, even maintaining your current customer base is difficult … and real growth even harder. We define growth capabilities, as shown below, and provide services in each area. We add value in problem understanding, marketing campaign design, designing changes for market trends, and team training.


Growth depends on effectively adapting to change, improving your customer insights, then turning them into improvements in customer experience and service. It also depends on engaging and building communities with your target customers, improving the effectiveness of your marketing to be heard and remembered, and adding creative channels to communicate your value propositions.


What is your business growth strategy?


Are you having difficulty sustaining your business?   Do you have underutilized capacity for further growth?  Digital Spark Marketing is here to help you regain your competitive edge and to provide the capabilities for future business growth.


 Our engagements can be simple consulting and advisement, to more complex marketing campaign design. 



Do you have the required capabilities for a business growth strategy?





 Build Customer Relationships and Trust  

Customers choose businesses based on their confidence, strength of relationships, and trust.


Today there are many communication channels to engage your customers, build communities, display your brand’s values, deliver on your promises and ultimately build relationships and trust. Every customer touchpoint in each channel is an important marketing opportunity.


We offer consulting and design on both on-line and off-line customer engagement, customer experience, and customer service. We seek to add new and strengthen existing customer ties in order to build better relationships and trust.


Integrated Marketing Strategy

Creating marketing messages that will be heard, remembered, and, most important, talked about, is very difficult in a world where customers have precious little time to listen.


Achieving creativity in your marketing messages delivery is essential to winning your customers’ choices, and then their loyalty.



Your winning solutions depend on your market branding.


DSM collaborates with you and your team to design winning integrated marketing strategies and campaigns that will effectively deliver your messages.


Adaptability to Change

The digital and network revolutions have unleashed rapid and significant marketplace changes that impact your ability to engage customers … and the rate and amount of change is accelerating. Businesses must interpret and understand the implications of these changes and rapidly respond with creative ideas and innovations to maintain their competitive edge.



The survivor is the one most adaptable to change


We provide consulting advice on  innovative marketing ideas and collaborate with you and your team on designing innovative responses to marketplace change.


Building an Effective Team

Your team is your business, quite literally. It is only as good as the weakest link and your ability to provide strong and effective leadership.


You, as a business leader, must be a talent hound for future hiring, be a strong mentor and coach, and continually work to build your leadership skills and a staff that works effectively as a team.


DSM offers team assessment and training, coaching, and mentoring for both you and your team.