selecting the best mentors

Selecting the best mentors.


Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did. Explore. Dream. Discover.

– Mark Twain


I like to read … why? To be entertained, to learn new things, and to stimulate thinking.  Both Seth Godin and Tom Peters are authors that are favorites of mine. They are two of my selections for silent mentors … they mentor through their writings and presentations. Selecting the best mentors should be your priority.


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Yes … they both do stimulate a lot of thinking and learning, but they both have a great knack for entertaining while they teach and silently mentor. They also share these other common attributes that makes them such successful mentors for me:


Great storytellers 

… in their writing and presentation styles


Do a lot of reading

 in many diverse fields


Show passion in everything they do

 they both wear their enthusiasm and passion day in and day out


Connect the dots

… you can see their logic by the analogies that they draw for their readers, from many viewpoints


Effective curators

… when they used others work as they often do, they always add considerable value


Great learners

 I have followed their writing and speaking for almost a decade now … you can watch them continually stretch and grow


Never stop initiative 

… always trying something new



Yes, there are probably many, many current great authors with these attributes, but you’ll be hard pressed to find better mentors.


You can’t make anything or anyone grow; you can only provide the right conditions. My mentor selections are very good at providing the right conditions.


So, who are your favorite silent mentors and what sets them apart for you? Any comments or questions to add below?


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All you get is what you bring to the fight. And that fight gets better every day you learn and apply new ideas.


When things are not what you want them to be, what’s most important is your next step. Call today.


Test. Learn. Improve. Repeat.


Are you devoting enough energy continually improving your continuous learning?


Do you have a lesson about making your learning better you can share with this community? Have any questions or comments to add in the section below?


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